Hitch-hiked overland to Iran and Pakistan. Surveyed Rawalpindi and Islamabad and other towns of the Karakoram Highway, including the central Hunza Valley, for publication. Twice narrowly escaped death in a terrorist bomb blast in Rawalpindi and a Kalashnikov attack by bandits on the KKH.
Making maps & publicity for The Republic of Connaught, a complete re-enactment of the 1798 French Invasion of Ireland. Worked as a stone mason, creating sandstone bas-reliefs.
Worked as a proof-reader and barman while learning to use an Apple Mac computer (including Photoshop, Illustrator and Quark Xpress) to create my KKH map. Returned to Goa to update my map. Exhibited erotic drawings at the Deutsche Film und Fernseh Akademie in Berlin.
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Trainee Accountant (ICMA)
The Zenith Carburettor Co Ltd.
Trainee Manager
Tesco Foodstores Ltd.

Correspondent Clerk
First National Finance Ltd.
Trainee Graphic Designer/Artist
S. Leboff (Fobel) Ltd.
Hyde House, Colindale NW9 6LG.

Kibbutz Volunteer
Kibbutz Ruchama, Ashquelon, Israel.
Contract Artist
with S. Leboff (Fobel) Ltd.
Travelling artist
USA, Canada, Mexico.
Working/Travelling Europe: fruit picking, selling drawings and au-pairing in Denmark and Holland.
Hitched overland from London to Lhasa, Tibet: selling drawings, mapping the cities and valleys of Northern Pakistan and Western China. Running a flea-market in Tibet, mapping Lhasa and designing bill-board advertising for the Tibetans.
Set-up Open Road Graphics and developed my own cycle-survey technique.
1st commission: to make 110 surveys of towns in China for map/travel guide. June 3/4 Tiannanmen Massacre. Spent four months being followed by secret police.
Mapping towns and cities of Western China for new guide to Xinjiang. April-May, Ouighour uprising crushed by Chinese. Arrested for spying, house-arrest and interrogation – deported to Pakistan. Working as teacher for U.N. in the Northern Areas. Designed ‘local-style’ hotel complex in Hunza. Designed national symbol for Northern Areas and LB & RD (Govt. body).
Set up Open Road Guides with the Enterprise Allowance Scheme.
Published 1st map: Town plan of Wells in Somerset. Commissions from Francesca Von Habsburg (The Hemitage, St. Petersburg) and Harper Collins (Danziger’s Adventures).
Working as a support worker at The Bridge, a mental health rehabilitation unit where I assisted in the publication of Headlines (their in-house magazine). Finally published my map of the Karakoram Highway.
Designed websites, visited India to up-date my Goa map and worked on an outdoor production of Jocasta (a feminist deconstruction of Oedipus) on the Atlantic coast of western Ireland. Gave a lecture on Tourism in Asia at Sligo Institute of Technology and worked as an artist's model in the Model Arts Centre.
Surveyed the towns of N.W. Ireland, in association with the Ambulance service. This is part of a broader project to create an Irish national database of town maps. Presently I am applying for government grants to undertake the surveying of the 150 largest towns of Ireland to fill the gap in the Ordnance Survey of Ireland's publication list. I intend to put all the maps onto a free website. Later I intend publishing 4 guides with maps of all the major towns of Connaught, Leinster, Munster and Ulster.
It's been a bit of a mad year, so far. Returned to U.K. from Ireland at New Year. Prepared Artwork for 16 new maps of Donegal towns and put them on the website. Then hitched to Western Sahara just as the allies started bombing Baghdad and realised this wasn't the year for mapping arabic souks so headed home through some very intense experiences. Designed websites for friends, Prepared maps for the Irish Ambulance and Fire Services and put 22 new maps including Cork City on to my website. Last night held an impromtu BBQ on the side of a hill for a few friends. This month in National Geographic Adventure magazine. Great ego boost. Thanks to McKenzie, Kirsty and all the staff. Helped my cousin, Cecily, and a hard working committee organise a benefit for a Kenyan school by running a World Music Dance Night in Sligo (a resounding sucess: we raised over 6000 euro).
Spent the first four months putting together 3 advertising maps. Will publish approx 50 further advertising maps over the next 3 years. Mid Summer is approaching and I'm looking forward to my annual Solstice BBQ in the big field at the back of Harrow on the Hill.
Published map of Sligo and Yeats Country (Ireland) in association with North West Tourism. Commissions from Harper Collins (The Road to Miran), PMG Films and the BFC (British Film Commission) making brochures, maps and videos promoting Britain for film locations. Made the free 'Streets of London' homeless facilities map in association with St. Martins in-the-Fields' day-centre.
Published ‘Cork City and Towns of Co. Cork’ (Ireland) in association with Cork/Kerry Tourism (22 townplans). Further commissions from F. Von Habsburg, the Institute of Oriental Art and The Hermitage in St. Petersburg.

Book: The Road to Miran
"Travels in the Forbidden Zone of Xinjiang"
Author: Christa Paula
Published by: Harper Collins, ISBN: 0-00-255124-1
Mentioned on pages 87, 89, 90-1, 95, 98 267
"On the bed, surrounded by maps, drawing equipment and papers, crouched a young man with tousled brown hair and three-day stubble. He was the map-maker."

Book: Perfection She Dances
The book describes Bob's eight years in a chinese prison
Author: Robert Davies
Published by: Mainstream , ISBN: 1-84018-416-7
Mentioned on pages 26-7
"Another modern-day explorer and regular visitor to Kashgar, the Oasis and room 508 was John the Map. He was a cartographer who travelled around Asia with a foldaway bike, mapping every town he came to."
After nine weeks in India making surveys: published
‘Goa and its Beaches’ map, travel guide and beach guide, (distribution by Roger Lascelles Publishers Ltd). Researched for a West of Ireland pageant to commemorate the French invasion, and popular uprising, of 1798.
Residential Social Worker with Harrow Consortium for special needs. Responsible for medication, primary care and needs of clients with learning difficulties in day-centres, respite and long-stay hostels.